"Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"
~Isaiah 6:8 NIV
"He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?"
~Micah 6:8 NASB

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I looked at the calendar earlier and realized that it has been some time before I have updated this. It has been a pretty busy few weeks. This weekend at church Rob was talking about we should try not to be so busy. He has told that message so many and everytime I hear it I realize how right he is.
I don't have to be working two jobs right now but I am. The 12 hour days have actually gotten easier as the weeks go on. Steve and I have a goal to be have no more credit card debt within 2 years. I think we can do it if we keep on the path we are on right now. It has taken some discipline. We don't go out to eat nearly as much as we used to. Steve is thinking about taking on a second job after we move, as well. We have an apartment available but they haven't given us a move-in date yet.
The worst part of having to work 2 jobs is I have to miss Oasis on Wednesday nights. I love my girls more then they will ever know. I had so many plans for this year. Part of feels like I'm totally abandoning my girls. I know they will be in good hands with another leader and I'm still accessible via the internet, but it's not the same. I'm hoping that i will still be able to do some events. I don't know how the Temp Job is going to last so I probably won't miss the whole year. Right now I'm just taking it one day at a time.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Did you know?

Did you know?

  • One out of two women will experience domestic abuse at least once in the course of their marriage.
  • 4 million American women are seriously assaulted by their intimate partner each year.
    65% of emergency room visits by women are for injuries sustained during domestic violence.

  • One of every three abused children becomes an adult abuser or victim.
    More women are killed by their partners than by muggings, rapes and auto accidents combined.
  • Domestic violence claims the lives of four women each day.
  • Approximately 75% of abuse homicide victims are killed after they leave their abuser.

  • 50% of all homeless women and children in the U.S are fleeing domestic violence.
    Each year, an estimated 3.3 million children are exposed to violence by family members against their mothers or female caretakers.

  • When children are killed during a domestic dispute, 90% are under age 10; 56% are under age 2.

  • There are 1,500 shelters for battered women in the United States and 3,800 animal shelters.

  • 60% of violent homes where the female partner is beaten so are the children.

  • 50% of female homicides are committed by the man who said "Until death do us part".

  • 88% of victims of domestic violence fatalities had a documented history of physical abuse.

  • The average prison sentence of men who kill their female partners is 2 to 6 years.

  • Women who kill their partners are, on average, sentenced to 15 years.

  • Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 15-44.

  • 75% of all 911 calls are domestic abuse calls.

  • The loss in productivity due to absenteeism, employee turnover and health care expenses from domestic violence costs U.S corporations between $3 and $5 billion annually.

  • Despite these sobering statistics, domestic violence remains the most common, yet least reported, crime in the U.S. Domestic violence is a growing national problem requiring focused assistance from the public and private sectors.

Please support the local YWCA. We are always in need of donations of money and personal items such as, pillows, blankets, toiletries, Cell Phones and Accessories, baby items, canned food and dry goods, and so much more. With Winter on it's way, we definetly need warm blankets, scarves, mittens, gloves, warm coats, comforters, warm bed sheets.
Donations can be dropped at the YWCA Monday through Friday between 8 and 5.

For more information call: 574-233-9491

A Great Place to Shop

I found a great place to shop while searching the internet. You should check it out. You can buy right from this site. You just scroll through and see if there is anything you want and then click on and it brings you right to that page.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm a Great Cousin!

When your Niece has a baby, you are a Great Aunt....so when your cousin has a baby, does that make you a Great Cousin. Hmm? Thoughts to ponder.

My cousin and his wife just found they are pregnant. This is so exciting. This will be first Second Cousin!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Wake Up Parents!

I found a website from Corey's blog: http://parentsareclueless.com/

I read some of the confessions on the site and some just made me sad, but I can't say I was surprised.

"I watched you Mom, that's why I lost my virginity at 14 and have added quite a few guys to that list since then. Now that I am an adult, I see that I don't want to be anything like you, but more like Jesus. I wish that you would have made a bigger deal out of Jesus than your boyfriends."

"I've been down at college for two-and-a-half years and my mom still brags to people that I don't party. I do... a lot."

"Dad, i love you, but for once could you tell me that i messed up with out yelling at me and making me feel like a complete idiot?"

"Just please be honest with me! I need to know what "mistakes" you made in your past and I need to see the consequences that came with them if you don't want me to make the same mistakes."

"my parents would die if they knew i keep my weed in the cieling of their bedroom."

"I wonder if you would love me if you saw my report card before I changed the grades."

There are a few things that I have learned doing Middle School ministry for the last 8 years.
Students may not listen to a thing you say, but they are watching everything you do. Lead by example! Where goes the leaders, so goes the students.- Judy Gregory

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We're Moving!

We have been on the waiting list for a place since April and we finally got a place. I can't wait. We are going to right down the street from work now so it should save us alot of money on gas. Steve and I are also thinking about riding our bikes to work so we will be getting excersize too.

We get to look at the apartment this week and tell them if we are interested and put down the deposit. The only downside is that we have to bring our own appliances. We got a Fridge from my Aunt and maybe a Washer and dryer from her too. We need a Stove though.

I'm excited about this because we are on our way to being debt free. On top of having lower rent now, I am taken on a second job. It's a part time temp job with 1st Source. I found out about the job though someone from GCC.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Domestic Violence Awareness

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Last year alone, there were nearly 5 million reported cases of domestic violence in this country.

October 14 -20, 2007 is the YWCA Week Without Violence.
Please wear a purple ribbon, tie one on your car antennas, and encourage your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to participate in this awareness campaign by doing the same.