"Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"
~Isaiah 6:8 NIV
"He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?"
~Micah 6:8 NASB

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Oh, how I love Christmas.  There is just something special about getting together with family and friends to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  I love the spirit of giving that comes out this time of year.  If you look hard enough, you can find the joy in the season.  I know I'm slightly biased, but I think I have to best family ever.

Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant
I have traveled
Many moonless night
Cold and Weary
With a babe inside
And I wonder
What I've done
Holy Father
You have come
Chosen me now
To carry your son

I am waiting
in a silent prayer
I am frightened
by the load i bear
In a world as cold as stone
Must I walk this path alone
Be with me now
Be with me now
Breath of Heaven
Hold me together
Be forever near me
Breath of Heaven

Breath of Heaven
Lighten my darkness
Pour over me, your holyness
For your holy Breath of Heaven
Do you wonder
As you watch my face
If a wiser one, should of had my place
But I offer-all I am
For the mercy-of your plan
Help me be strong
Help me be
Help me

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Fiscal New Year!

Today is our Fiscal New Year!  Since we get paid every other week our paychecks don't line up with a traditional month.  At the beginning of every year, I map out and label each check with either "Check 1," "Check 2," or "Extra Check."  This year our "Check 2" of December landed on December 8th, so that means the checks we got today are the first check on January.  So HAPPY NEW YEAR to us!
Now that mean it's time for us to have our year budget committee meeting and see how we did for the year.  I think we were incredibly blessed this year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Book Review: The Love and Respect Experience

I just started reading The Love & Respect Experience A Husband Friendly Devotional that Wives Truly Love by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.  I chose this book because Steve and I were looking for a devotional that we can go through together.  This sounded like a good one because I have heard good reviews of this authors other books and I have heard him speak.  The devotional is designed that you can do it together each daily or one each week.  Because of our busy schedule, we chose every Sunday.  Each devotional (there are 52) is just a few pages long and begins with Scripture and includes a personal example followed by suggestions for prayer and action.

Each devotion focused on how men and women think differently about different topics.  My biggest disappointment was that I hoping that it would go a little deeper and be more of a Bible study.  It seems perfect for a couple that is struggling with communication in their marriage or if a couple wants a simple devotional.  It is nice that it gives us a chance to relax on Sunday evening after a busy week, read the devotional for that week and then discuss what we read.

* Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Are you Square Peg Trying to Fit into a Circle Hole?

We had a great conversation last night with the African coordinator.  Chad or Cameroon? 

The African Coordinator last night said that we wants to make sure that the job is a good fit for both us.  In Chad, if we focus on my work we would be in the capital city, and they are very interested in me coming as an IT Manager.  However, they won't have a linguistic position available in the city, so Steve might have to work in something that he is not necessary as passionate about, literacy work.  If we focus on Steve's skills of linguistics, we would have to be in a more rural area closer to the people groups and they would have to find something for me.  In Cameroon, there is an opportunity to be in a city and they can use both Steve's linguistic skills and my skills as a computer help desk specialist of sorts.

Of course, we are both willing to work where we are needed and Steve is willing to fill the role in literacy, instead linguistics, if we do choose Chad.  Dave, the African Coordinator, however; said that even though Steve is willing to step out of his passion area he doesn't want to "take Steve as a square peg and drill him into a round peg, just so they can fit him into a round hole."

In either country, it sounds like we would most likely be working in a language cluster where they are working on many languages at the same time, since we have to be in a city but still close to the people groups.  Steve would occasionally take trips to the villages to meet with the "mother-tongue translators."

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My New Sister-in-Law

We got to meet our new sister today.  She is such a sweet little baby.  I got to feed and snuggle with her.  She is so very precious.

Steve's mom adopted a baby.  She is one week old today.  She is such a lucky little girl to have been taken out of a cycle of generational poverty into a huge loving family.  God must have something really amazing planned for her.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I love Fall

We raked our leaves for the second time this season today.  Our first pile was about a third of the one we made today.  This is a picture of our leaf pile from today.  I parked my car next to the pile, so you could get an idea of how big the pile is.  It is taller and longer than my car.  There are still some leaves on the trees too, but the rest we can mulch with the lawnmower.  I love Fall or Autumn as it likes to be called.  I really think it's my favorite season.  I love the cool crisp air and all the pretty colors.  It was such a beautiful day today.  It was perfect day for raking leaves and yard work outside.  I hope the weather stays like this a little longer.

Friday, November 4, 2011

YWCA 2011 Winter/Christmas Wish List

This week we been over capacity averaging between 145-155 women and children residing at the YWCA North Central Indiana.  Today, we have a census of 78 women and 78 children for a total of 156.  This proves there is a great need for our services here in the Michiana area.  The YWCA serves women and children that are victim's of domestic violence, chemically dependant, and living in our Transitional and Permanent Housing programs.

Many of our clients are young single moms that enter the shelter with nothing but their kids and the clothes on their backs.  We never turn away a woman and her children in need of shelter due to domestic violence. 

What does this mean?  It means that we have some huge needs currently and I predict bigger needs as it gets colder.

Our Current Immediate Needs:
  • Hats/Gloves/Scarves/Winter Coats for both women and children
  • Twin sized winter blankets
  • Pillows
  • Snow boots for both women and children
YWCA Wish List
Due to Indiana Health Laws, we cannot accept used Stuffed Animals

Food Related: Canned & Boxed Foods of all kinds, Non-Perishable items, Food Storage Containers, metal teaspoons, plastic forks/knives, Plastic bowls/cups, Juice, Cereal

Personal Care Products: Deodorant, Conditioner, Lotions, Shower gels, Hand Sanitizer, Combs, Toothbrushes (adult and children), Toothpaste (small and large), Disposal razors, Kleenex, Feminine Care products, Paper Towels, Toilet Paper

Infant Care: Baby bottles, Disposable Diapers (all sizes), Baby Wipes, Baby Shampoo, Baby Lotion, Baby Powder, Baby Food and formula, Sippy Cups, Baby monitors, Strollers, Toddler and Preschool Car Seats

Over the Counter Medicines and First-Aid: Aspirin, Tylenol, Midol, Advil, Tums, Pepto-Bismol, Non-Alcohol Cold medicines, First Aid tape

Household Items: Shower curtains, Wash Cloths, Towels, Crib sheets, Twin-Sized Blankets and Sheets, Bed Pillows, Elevated toilet seats, Space Bags for storage, Laundry Detergent, Small Alarm Clocks, Microwave Ovens, Small Kitchen Appliances.

Clothing: Plus Sized Women, Baby Clothes

Miscellaneous Items: Pre-paid Phone Cards, Bus Passes, Wheel Chairs, Office Supplies, Blank Journals, Reading Glasses, Luggage, Heavy Duty Snow Blower, Leaf Blower, Drill Dress, Gas Fryer, Heat Lamp for Kitchen, Commercial Washers and Dryers

Almost anything you use in your household is needed at the YWCA.
Items can be delivered to the front desk between 8-5 Monday through Thursday and 8-2 on Friday.

YWCA North Central Indiana
1102 S. Fellows
South Bend, IN 46601
Phone Number: 574-233-9491
Crisis Line: 574-232-9558

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Passion: We are Hungry

Lord I want more of You

Living water rain down on me
Lord I need more of You
Living breath of life come fill me up

Lord I want more of You
Living water rain down on me
Lord I need more of You
Living breath of life come and fill me up

We are hungry
We are hungry
We are hungry for more of You
We are thirsty, oh Jesus
We are thirsty for more of You

Lord I want more of you
Holy Spirit rain down on me
Lord I need more of you
Living breath of life come and fill me up
chorus x2

More of You
We are hungry for the more of You
We are thirsty (thirsty)
We lift our holy hands up
We want to touch You
We lift our voices higher and higher and higher to You

We lift our holy hands up
We want to touch You
We lift our voices higher and higher and higher to You
chorus x2

We lift our holy hands up
We want to touch you (We are hungry for more of You)
We lift our voices higher and higher and higher to you
We lift our holy hands up (More of You, more of You)
We want to touch you (More of You, more of You, more of You more of You, more of You, yeah)
We lift our voices higher and higher to You

We lift our holy hands up (We are hungry, We are thirsty
We want to touch you (We are hungry for the more of You)
We lift our voices higher and higher to You
More lyrics: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/p/passion/#share

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What a Beautiful Weekend

I had a great weekend.  The  crisp cool air and the beautiful trees.  I love this beautiful fall weather.  I actually had both Saturday and Sunday off work.  That doesn't happen very often, unless I request it.

Saturday: On Saturday, I went to my first Women's Conference.  The North Central District of the Missionary Church had their Annual Women's Conference.  The church we are now attending is a part of that.  I decided to go because the speaker was a missionary with Wycliffe and I thought it might be cool to hear from someone else who actually works with them already.  The conference was in Shipshewana at the Farmstead Inn.  That area is so beautiful.  It seems so peaceful out there.  I was really glad to see other people from church there, since I had no idea who else was going.  I'm glad I went though. 

Jan Benson was the main speaker and she has been serving in Peru for the last 30 years.  Gospel Center was their sending church and has supported them for over 30 years.  They had their Bible dedication in August where they delivered the completed Bible to the people they had been translating it for.  She showed a video of the dedication and it was so exciting.  The people looked so happy.  These are people that 40 years ago didn't even have their language written down and now they have the Bible printed in their language.  The next step is to continue to teach the young people to read and write, so they can continue to study the Bible and maybe get sent out as a missionary themselves.  God is at work!  There are about 2000 languages left that need a Bible in their language.

"I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ." Philemon 1:6

One big thing I took away from the day is that if God calls, then he will provide us with whatever we need.  Life as a missionary in an unknown country can sometimes be scary or stressful.  You may have to work with people that you don't work well with or the people you are called to serve may not receive you with open arms.  But God can use us even when we don't understand why things are happening.  After the conference was over, I introduced myself to her and told her that Steve and I were in the application process for Wycliffe.

"No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us." Romans 8:37

On the way home, since I was in Shipshewana, I had to stop my Das Essenhaus and pick up some tasty food.  I got some Apple Cinnamin Bread and some Black Bean Salsa. Both were spectacular.  Then I rushed home hoping to get home before the Notre Dame game started since I only live a few minutes from campus.  I didn't want to get stuck in the traffic going to the game.

Sunday: We got up and went to small group and church.  The speaker from Saturday's conference and her husband spoke at church.  He talked again about the work they did in Peru.  The Missions Committee was taking them out to lunch and invited us to come along.  We were babysitting our favorite girls on Sunday too and since we didn't want to be rushed at lunch, we picked up the girls and brought them with us.  We went to Ho Pings House Chinese Restaurant.  It was pretty tasty and it the lunch special prices were good.  I feel like we made some new friends. I love knowing they they will be praying for us as we continue to Wycliffe journey. 
When we got home, the girls wanted to play some Mario Cart with Steve.  Kariana helped me make some Turkey Pumpkin Chili for dinner while Steve got the games set up.  She learned how to saute peppers and was pretty excited about that.  She said that even though she doesn't like vegetables, she still likes to saute them.  I love that girl. She cracks me up.  She also helped wash some dishes afterwards.  I also made some pumpkin cookies too with the leftover pumpkin.  The girls and Steve took a break from playing Mario Cart for some "snack time" and enjoyed them very much.
After some tough Mario Cart matches with Steve where Kariana actually beat him once, the girls relaxed and played until their dad came to pick them up.  After the girls went home, Steve and I relaxed around the house, ate some dinner, and relaxed some more.  It was a great ending to a great weekend.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wycliffe Application Process Continues

I think I had a pretty productive night tonight.  First, I started dinner in the crock pot.  I'm making some Italian Country Ribs.  They should be great.  Then I started some laundry, folded it, and put it away.  The last load is currently in the dryer.  Then I started some dishes in the dishwasher.  I love the feeling of accomplishing stuff and getting the house clean.  It still needs some work, but it's a start.

Steve and I have about 20 days left to finish our Wycliffe application.  The only part that we have left to do is the summary of our Church Interview.  It was a dinner interview, so I had to cook for everybody.  I made some Parmesan Chicken and they turned out great.  I made some rice, corn, and fruit salad to go with the chicken.  Lance and John said if I wasn't good for Wycliffe, I was definetly good at making chicken.  I thought the interview went great.  It was neat and helpful to meet with someone who had actually grew up as a missionary kid.  I think we interviewed them as much as they were interviewing us.  We discussed everything from raising kids to partnership building.  Now the only thing we have to wait for is one more reference for me to come in and we are done with the application.  Once our application team looks over our application, we can move forward in the process. The next step is to be assigned a ministry location and start our Equip training.  This has been a long application process.
Baked Parmesan Chicken! Yum!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Smile on this Rainy Day!

Proverbs 15:13: A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.

"Be glad today for the clouds or the rainbows. Both are meant for your good. And without both, neither has meaning." Anonymous

Friday, October 7, 2011

Thursday Date Night: Rio

I love Thursdays from Red  Box.  Every week, I get a code texted to my phone for a free movie.  Last night for dinner, I made a Cheesy Chicken and noodle casserole with green/red peppers and mushrooms.  It turned out great.  Very cheesy! 

Then we went over to our local Red Box and picked out a movie.  Steve wanted to see Rio.  It's a movie about a bird that gets bird-napped by an exotic pet shop and ends up lost in a small town in Minnesota when he fell off the truck.  He is found by a little girl who raises him as her pet.  She names him Blu.  He is a very spoiled, happy bird until a scientist comes to find him and says he is the last of his species.  The scientist has found a female blue Macaw and they only way for their species to survive is for them mate and have baby birdies.

After much prodding, the girl, who is know an adult, decides to bring her bird to Rio de Janero, Brazil with scientist.  The scientist runs a bird refuge that finds injured birds in the wild or rescues them from smugglers.  They arrive in Brazil just in time for the annual Carnival festival.  Blu and the female Macaw, Jewel, are again bird-napped by some local smugglers.  Blu must learn to trust his new friends and learn to survive out in the unknown wild.  It's a really cute movie about a bird who never learned to fly, who has lived as a pet his whole life, and never really had any bird friends. 

In all the adventures, Blu must gain the courage to learn to fly, develop friendships, and learn the value of family.  I thought it was a good story about perseverance, believing in yourself, and getting outside your comfort zone.
Definitely Pitney Approved.  Rated: G

Monday, September 26, 2011

One Week Left! Please Help if You Can!

The Big Red Shoes Are Back

The YWCA Staff Team needs some help to reach our goal.  There is one more week left to reach our goal!  Go to www.ywcancin.org and click on the red shoe or click on the link.

Join us in my efforts to support YWCA - North Central Indiana
Thank you for supporting YWCA - North Central. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Team Fundraising Goal:
Total Raised:
Can you walk a mile in her shoes! Join men throughout Michiana in the effort to raise awareness & money for the YWCA's Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault programs.

Saturday, October 1, 2011
9 am check in begins
10 am walk begins
Coveleski Stadium
South Bend, IN

Friday, September 23, 2011

Book Review: Your 100 Day Prayer

I am currently reading Your 100 Day Prayer: The Transforming Power of Actively Waiting on God by John I. Snyder.  I am on day 15 of the 100 day journey.  The premise of the book is that you pick one thing to pray about and then focus on that one thing for 100 days.  Not only do I think this book helped me get in the habit of praying every day, but it also has helped me focus on what to pray for.  For me, sometimes I find it hard to pray for myself because I feel that either I'm selfish to focus on myself or that I'm unworthy for God to answer something for me.  It's a process, but I am learning to break free from both of those opinions.  I am looking forward to continuing the journey of self discovery and watching God works is ways I have never seen before.  I'm excited to see what He is going to teach me through this journey.  We have some big changes coming into our lives in the next few years and it feels good to know that God is in control.  For each day there is a short devotion beginning with scripture and a guide to prepare you how to pray, so it forces me to go a little deeper than I might go on my own.  You can also jot notes and track the progress each day. 

"Go to God humbly and ask him to reveal the secret places of worry and anxiety that surround you and your need."

* Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birthdays and Fun with Friends

Today is my best friend's birthday.  I hope she has an exceptional day.

It definitely been some crazy weeks for Steve and I.  I'm waiting for life to slow down a little.  I don't have any major complaints though.  Life is pretty good right now.  I feel really busy but I'm happy.

I have been feeling kind of lost for the past few years since switching churches.  I like Gospel Center but it didn't feel the same as Granger Community.  At Granger, I had friends and connections.  There was a real family atmosphere, even though it was so big.  Last week, I watched some old sermons and videos to reminisce.  Gospel Center is much smaller, but it seems to be taking longer for me to feel connected.  Steve felt connected pretty quick, but he started attending before I did.  Steve and I have started attending a small group at Gospel Center and I think that has helped me feel like I belong more.  I've actually been praying for opportunities to connect and I was invited to help with AWANA this year.  This is my first experience with AWANA.   AWANA is definitely different than Oasis.  I am working with Cubbies.  Cubbies are three and four year olds.  They have so much energy.  It's fun though.  I wish there was something fun like that for kids when I was little.  The kiddoes are so much fun. 

Last night after work, I met some friends to watch the Ohio State game and Steve met us after he got off.  The time with friends was great, but the game was a little disappointing.  There is always next week, right? :o)

Tonight, Steve and I are having dinner with some other members of the church as part of the Dinners For Eight event.  It should be fun and a relaxing way to end the week. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Can You Find a Way to Help!

I’m going to tell you the story of “Mary.” Mary could be a client at the YWCA. She is a young mother struggling to go to school, work, and take care of her kids. She wants more than anything to make a break the cycle of poverty that has gripped her family for generations. Since she doesn’t have her GED yet, she can not get a good paying job so she is living with her boyfriend, the father of her youngest daughter. She has three children (4, 3, and 1) and she just told her boyfriend that she thinks she is pregnant again. He gets angry and calls her a whore and says he can’t afford anymore kids. He says he already pays enough in child support and that he will leave her if she doesn’t have an Abortion. He pushes her towards the stairs, but luckily she grabs the stair railing to avoid falling down the stairs onto the floor below. Unsatisfied and still angry, he grabs her hair and pulls her into their room and smashes her head into the mirror. Her oldest daughter walks into the room to see what happened and the door is shut in her face. This young mother’s first instinct is to protect her children, so she tries to leave the room, but he won’t let her. She sits cowering in the corner of the room afraid to make a sound, so she doesn’t make him angry again. She sits there thinking to herself that she can’t afford to live on her own and she has nowhere else to turn, so she begs him for forgiveness. She is crying, scared, and bleeding, but what other choice does she have but to stay? In a few days, he will apologize and life will get back to “normal”…at least until she does something “wrong” again.

This women is made up, but this story plays out in different ways all over Michiana and I think it’s time we found an end domestic violence. How does that happen? It happens when we raise awareness that the issue exists in all households, in all demographics, in all races, and yes…it happens to men as well. The YWCA is in the business of helping women and their children escape and find a safe place to stay while they attend classes, find a better job, and get the counseling that they need. The YWCA is working to break the cycle of poverty by offering the clients life skills classes where they can learn things such as job interviewing skills, resume writing, parenting skills, CPR/First Aid, financial management, and so much more.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month!  I think a great way to start the month is to make the YWCA's Walk a Mile in her Shoes a great event.

Join men throughout Michiana in the effort to raise awareness & money for the YWCA's Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault programs.
Go to www.ywcancin.org and donate to the cause or join the team of walkers.
Saturday, October 1, 2011
9 am check in begins
10 am walk begins
Coveleski Stadium

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering September 11th

I'm not sure I could tell you exactly what I was doing all day last Tuesday, but I remember exactly where I was and what i was doing that Tuesday morning, September 11th. So much have changed the last 10 years. I watched the news for days straight. My roommate and I left the TV while we went to sleep. We didn't want to miss anything.  The terrorists didn't just knock down some buildings that day. The terrorists didn't have a plan to kill people.  They wanted to destroy our country.  They wanted to make us afraid and vulnerable.  They hate our freedoms.  They tried to destroy our economy and they almost succeeded.  If we, as a nation, continue to live in fear than the terrorists have won.  I believe there is hope that God will restore this country.
I didn't have any classes that semester on Tuesdays, so I was still a sleep. All of a sudden my phone rang twice, but I didn't get to the phone either time. For some reason, I thought that I had better check my voice mails just in case it was important.  My mom said there was a fire in the Trade Center in New York and I should turn on the news.I thought that it was probably just a gas leak or a fire, but when I turned on the news and they said it was a plane, I just knew it had to be an accident. I didn't really know what to think at first. My first thoughts were that some pilot had fallen asleep and got off course and crashed. It seemed so unimaginable that someone would deliberately fly a plane into a building. Then we watched live on TV the second plane hit the second tower. I knew then that it could not have been a mistake.  We really didn't know what to think then. I was afraid for the people in the towers; hoping they would be able to get out of the building. Then we heard about other missing planes and everything seemed to be in chaos.  Then we watched in horror both towers collapse.  It was surreal. I remember watching the towers collapse right before my eyes thinking....there is no way everybody got out of there. When we heard about the other planes crashing, I just watched waiting for something else to happen. I couldn't take my eyes off the TV. I felt like I was watching a movie. It didn't feel real at first. I definitely remember feeling fear.  I kept thinking that i was going to wake up and everything was going to the same. I soon realized that nothing would ever be the same again.

Bethel called a emergency chapel service, so the Bethel community could get together and pray for the people involved. We continued to watch the news on the big screen in chapel and Bethel canceled classes for the rest of the day.  My roommate and I went back our room and sat in our dorm room and watched the news for the rest of the day.  I don't really remember anything else for the rest of day except for sitting in our room watching the news.  I don't even remember eating.
John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Our Crazy Week

Care Bears sleeping after a long day or coloring pages and making clipart!It looks like we have survived our crazy work week so far.  Steve and I both worked almost 60 hours this week between our two jobs.  I didn't think we would make it through.  I am so tired today.  I can't remember the last day I had off from both jobs.  Steve actually had the day off today from both jobs.  I hope he had a great and relaxing day.  He really needed a day off.  He was getting pretty tired.  He actually worked more than I did because a kid at Sears decided on Saturday that he didn't want to come in to work, so Steve picked up some unscheduled hours.  If we had the extra money, I would say we needed to take a vacation, but maybe someday soon we will take a "stay-cation." 
I am definitely thankful that Steve and I both have great jobs.  There are so many people out there that don't have any jobs.  God has certaintly been providing for us with all the budget cuts at the YWCA.  The upside of all the work is we have the money we need to house repairs and we can throw the extra towards paying off Steve's student loan.   The downside is that I'm so tired all the time and we don't get the spend very much time with friends or family or each other.  I do love getting together with my family every Tuesday for Trivia Night at Mancino's and we did have some much needed time with friends on Labor Day.  I even made ribs for the first time all by myself because Steve was at work.  We really need to do that more often.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Important of Starting to Save Early

Learn From Ben - Start Saving NOW!

Saving money consistently is so important! The earlier you start, the better. Let compound interest work in your favor! While you can’t change the past, you CAN start right now! What is every high school student couldn't graduate until they could understand and explain this chart?  I sure I would have!
Example - Ben and Arthur

Both save $2,000 per year at 12%. Ben starts at age 19 and stops at age 26. Arthur starts at age 27 and stops at age 65.
AgeBen InvestsArthur Invests
19$2,000$2,240$0 $0
20$2,000$4,749$0 $0
21$2,000$7,558$0 $0
22$2,000$10,706$0 $0
23$2,000$14,230$0 $0
24$2,000$18,178$0 $0
25$2,000$22,599$0 $0
26$2,000$27,551$0 $0
27$0 $30,857$2,000$2,240
28$0 $34,560$2,000$4,749
29$0 $38,708$2,000$7,558
30$0 $43,352$2,000$10,706
31$0 $48,554$2,000$14,230
32$0 $54,381$2,000$18,178
33$0 $60,907$2,000$22,599
34$0 $68,216$2,000$27,551
35$0 $76,802$2,000$33,097
36$0 $85,570$2,000$39,309
37$0 $95,383$2,000$46,266
38$0 $107,339$2,000$54,058
39$0 $120,220$2,000$62,785
40$0 $134,646$2,000$72,559
41$0 $150,804$2,000$83,506
42$0 $168,900$2,000$95,767
43$0 $189,168$2,000$109,499
44$0 $211,869$2,000$124,879
45$0 $237,293$2,000$142,104
46$0 $265,768$2,000$161,396
47$0 $297,660$2,000$183,004
48$0 $333,379$2,000$207,204
49$0 $373,385$2,000$234,308
50$0 $418,191$2,000$264,665
51$0 $468,374$2,000$298,665
52$0 $524,579$2,000$336,745
53$0 $587,528$2,000$379,394
54$0 $658,032$2,000$427,161
55$0 $736,995$2,000$480,660
56$0 $825,435$2,000$540,579
57$0 $924,487$2,000$607,688
58$0 $1,035,425$2,000$682,851
59$0 $1,159,676$2,000$767,033
60$0 $1,298,837$2,000$861,317
61$0 $1,454,698$2,000$966,915
62$0 $1,629,261$2,000$1,085,185
63$0 $1,824,773$2,000$1,217,647
64$0 $2,043,746$2,000$1,366,005
65$0 $2,288,996$2,000$1,532,166
...And he never
caught up!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Always Lead By Example

Poem: I'd Rather See a Sermon

I'd rather see a sermon than hear one any day.

I'd rather you walk with me than merely point the way.

The eye is a more ready pupil than ever was the ear.

Good advice is often more confusing, but example is always clear.

--Heinrich Kopka

--From Focus on the Family radio broadcast, "Teacher of the Year" featuring Guy Doud. 

...I was important in the life of a child.

One hundred years from now it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in the bank, nor what my clothes looked like.

One hundred from now it will not matter what kind of school I attended, what kind of typewriter I used, how large or small my church, but the world may be a little better, because...
I was important in the life of a child. --Anonymous

In Honor of Teachers
You are the molders of their dreams
The gods who build or crush
Their young beliefs of right or wrong.

You are the spark that sets aflame
The poet's hand or lights the flame
of some great singer's song.

You are the god of the young, the very young
You are the guardian of a million dreams
Your every smile or frown
can heal or pierce the heart

You are a hundred lives, a thousand lives.
Yours the pride of loving them
And the sorrow too.

Your patient work, your touch
Make you the goals of hope

Who fill their souls with dreams
To make those dreams come true.
by Ronald Reagan

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I review for BookSneeze®
I signed up for this website to see what it was about.  It's a website that sends bloggers free books, then you have to write a review of the book of 200 words of more once you have read it.  Anyone who knows me, knows I love free stuff.  I just requested my first book and I am really excited for it to show up.  This should be fun.  Maybe this will get me back in the habit of reading more.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Crazy Summer

This has been a really busy summer so far in the Pitney household.   We just went entered the new Fiscal year at work.  That means that not only am I am working to finish up the prior Fiscal Year, but I also have get everything started for the new one.  I finished the Annual Data report last week.  I kill a few good trees everything I have to complete that.  It's between 60 and 70 pages long and I need to print 9 final copies of it and I have to do it at the end of every Quarter.   It is interesting to look at the finished report and see what we have done all the year and how many clients we have served.  It tells a fun picture of what we do. 
Due to budget cuts, I am still only working 36 hours a week, plus the hours I'm working at Sears.  We are working to get some new funding to replace what we lost.  We also just finished a big event and we another have one coming up in October.  Walk A Mile: Mens March Against Domestic Violence --> Steve is participating in this and could use your support.

Steve has been working really hard too.  His hours were cut back to 32 hours a week at the YWCA, so that means he will have one day off every week.  That will give him so four day weekends, so he is happy about that.  He is picking up whatever hours he can at Sears to make up the difference.  I really do have a great husband.  He has a really tiring job some weeks, but he still willing to work sometimes up to 24 hours a week at Sears.

With both of us working on average 50 or so hours a week, it makes it interesting to find time to spend together.  God has been providing for us in amazing ways this summer and I trust that He will continue to do so.  There are a few goals that may have to slowed down a little for us, but the important things are still in tact.  This post made me really tired to read. I think I'm going to take a nap...after I make dinner, exercise on the Wii Fit a little, and do some house cleaning.  I have to admit life is pretty good right now.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I Stand In Awe of You

I Stand In Awe Of You by Hillsong United

You are beautiful beyond description
Too marvelous for words
Too wonderful of comprehension
Like nothing ever seen or heard
Who can grasp you infinite wisdom
Who can fathom the depth of your love
You are beautiful beyond description
Majesty enthroned above

And I stand, I stand in awe of you
I stand, I stand in awe of you
Holy God to whom all praise is due
I stand in awe of you.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Run jane run 2011

Well, that was really fun. My friend, Sue, and I walked the 5K for the YWCA's run jane run. The money raised goes to support the domestic violence, sexual assault, and housing programs at the YWCA. It was a beautiful day and I love being out in nature at St. Pat's Park. Sue and I finished the walk in 59 minutes and six seconds. We were pretty happy with our time. I was happy to see so many people out to support the YWCA. It's a great organization.
I'm a little tired, so I think I'm going to do some cool down stretches before I have to go to work this afternoon. My body wants to take a nap but the expert runners tell me that will cause me to cramp up.
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Is There More than Corn in Indiana?

Steve found a really good deal on corn at Meijer this week for 20 cents an ear.  He decided that we should buy a bunch and freeze it for the winter.  He bought 130 ears of corn.  We try to eat corn with every meal if we can, so it makes sense to have a lot of it around.  We really do love corn.  I had Wednesday off work as a vacation day.  The original plan was to use the day to clean because my best friend was coming into town on Thursday.  I also scheduled our appliance tune ups since I was home.  As part of the house-cleaning process, I thought I would get the freezing process started.

After getting some tips from some friends, I started making our corn.

First, I removed the corn husks and as much of the slimy white silky stuff as possible.  Then I cleaned the corn and tried the cut out all the bad kernels.  The whole sink was filled with corn.   I don't think I have ever shucked that much corn in my life.  It didn't take as long as I thought it would though.

Then, my sis came over and she helped with the process.  We had two pots on the stove for the blanching.  Directions and tips from friends said to blanch the corn for about five  minutes then quickly throw it an ice bath.  I took corn out of one half of the sink and put cold water and a bag of ice in it for the ice bath.  After the ice bath, my sister's part of the process started.  She cut the kernels off the cob with a Pampered Chef corn cutter.  Which made the process so easy.  Thank you mom for letting us use it.
Next, we bagged up the corn.  I put about two cup of corn kernels in each bag with a teaspoon of sugar.  Thanks Jamie for that tip.  I'm sure the corn will be very sweet when we eat it.

We still have about two dozen ears left to do.   We had trivia with our family and friends on Tuesday and we brought some corn on the cob with us and last night we corn on the cob for dinner, and they tasted good.  I think we are going to have corn around the house for a little while.  Yum! Yum! Yum! 

Once the corn process was done and we found out we wouldn't have to go pick Liz up from airport Wednesday night, I cleaned some more of the house and played some WII games with Erin until Steve got home from work.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Benefits of Spirit-Filled Living

I got this devotion in my email today.  It was a very timely email, I thought.  I do feel physically, emotionally, and spiritual depleted.  My "security gland" has taken a beating this past few weeks with all the stress of trying to cut back on our budget.  I am learning to lean on God and trust in Him that He will continue to provide for us.  I almost feel guilty for even being stressed because there are so many people out there that are struggling much more than we are.  We are going to be OK.
Dear Bridget,

The Bible proclaims it. Christ promises it. Your life can be filled with love. Joy. Peace. Self control.
Sounds good, right? Perhaps a little too good to be true!
The Christian life is never effortless. But I've got some encouragement for you today: you have been well equipped for the journey!

My hope and prayer for you today is that with God's help and a little spiritual pruning, you will see a powerful difference in your life.

God bless you,

Dr. David Jeremiah
Galatians 5:22-23: "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law."

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ah ha. I knew It. Younger Siblings are Spoiled. :o)

This comic explains my whole childhood. :0) Just kidding...mostly. Anyone else with younger siblings that can totally relate to this?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Baby Tomatoes

With my mom's help, at the beginning of the summer we started a garden in our back yard. I have never had a garden before, so I thought it would be fun. I thought I would try me hand at tomatoes, because they seemed easy and I love tomatoes. They loved all the rain we got at the beginning of the season, so the plants are really big. With this heat, we have to keep them watered, so we don't kill them. Last week, I saw that we finally have little green baby tomatoes. I can't wait until the grow up into big red tomatoes. They are going to be so tasty. If I'm successful with tomatoes, maybe I'll try a different vegetable next year.
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Budget Cuts are Not Fun

It is going to be an interesting couple of months for Steve and I. We just found that Steve's hours are going to be cut starting in August. Luckily, we wont lose our benefits though, so that we are thankful for. I trust God is going to continue to provide for all our needs. He has done it before and He will do it again. It's going to tough though trying to squeeze every last dollar out of our already tight budget. We are still going to continue working on the Wycliffe application process. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.
James 1:12
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Learning to Sew

My mom got to me a sewing maching for my birthday last month.  I haven't sewed anything on the sewing maching since I was in 7th and 8th grade Home Ec class.  In 7th grade, I made a chocolate chip cookie pillow and in 8th grade I made a blue tote bag, which I still have.  I guess now is as good a time as any to learn how to sew.  Now, I just have to figure out how to use it and make project I should make first.  I found a website allfewsewing.com that has some free patterns on it, so I think I'm going to start there.  This should be an adventure. :o)
I wonder if there any sewing classes in the area where I can take classes.  I might learn better if I have someone teaching me, than just teaching myself.  Hopefully, learning to sew will help teach me some patience along the way too.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Therefore Encourage One Another...

1 Thessalonians 5:11: Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

Throughout my years of middle school ministry, I have received many notes of encouragement from students and my fellow leaders.  I can not begin to say how much those mean to me.  I still have many of the notes on display around the house and in my Bible.  I am going to take them with me and keep them close as we continue to make plans to move.  One of the hardest parts of the thought of moving is knowing how many close friends I'm going to leave behind.  This is my way to bring you with me.  I hope that I continue to live up to the words they wrote.

Here are just a few:
  • "I loved leading with you this year. You are a great person." - Naomi
  • "I love your heart for kids. You shine...my friend...you shine." - Judy
  • "You always are so happy. Thank you for encouraging others and my children." - Laura
  • "I love your positive attitude & the joy that you carry with you always. Love ya sis." - Judy
  • "You have a heart for God and it's been a joy watching you on your walk with Christ." - Jason
  • "You have a great memory for names. Good way to love our kids." - Adam
  • "How faithful & awesome you are. You have been a part of Oasis longer than I have. How special you make our events." - Chris
  • "You rock, my friend. I have known ya for...well a long time and you have always have the same sweet smile & friendly lovable personality." - Loretta
  • "You are awesome leader. You have taught me so much." - Dianna
  • "It's great being a leader with you. You have so much insight. Thanks for all your wisdom." - Carole
  • "Your dedication to Oasis is so appreciated." - Wendy
  • "Hey gurl, I love you & you are a great girl. I hope you will always be here & I can count on you. Love you tons." - Jeanette