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~Isaiah 6:8 NIV
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~Micah 6:8 NASB

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009 Philadephia Vacation

We have returned home from our vacation. Steve, Damian, and I left for Philadephia on Wednesday last week. We drove the 12 hour drive because it was alot cheaper to drive than to fly. I love road trips too. I actually slept most of the way down there. It was a little cramped in the car because we didnt get the car we wanted. Steve reserved a Luxury car at Enterprise but when he went to pick it up they didnt have any in stock. Needless to say, Steve was not very happy. They ended up giving us a Full Size Chevy Impala at 50% off. We wanted to leave around 8:30 or 9, but we didnt end of leaving until around noon because of all the car issues. We got to Philadephia around 1am. We stayed with Steve's cousin, Meredith, who lives with her husband in Springfield that is just outside Philadephia.
We basically hopped on 80/90 and took 80 all the way to PA. Pennsylvania must really like road construction because there was more road construction on 80 in PA than non-road construction. It was nuts.
I had a lot of firsts on this vacation...first train ride, first city-bus ride, first major league baseball game, not to mention the first trip to PA, NYC, and Delaware. It was a very relaxing vacation.

Thursday: On Thursday, we spent to day in Philadephia. We hoped on the Septa, which is the train that takes the people in the suburbs into the city. We visited all the historic sites, such as the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the Constitution Hall. We went to the African African Museum which is right across the street from the Federal Reserve, where Meredith works. We walked everywhere. It was hot out, but still felt really good. After work, she met us and we took a city bus to the Museum of Art. Apparently that is where Rocky ran up the stairs in the movies, so naturally Steve and Damian had to dramatically run up the stairs. Other than raining a little bit while we were at the Museum of Art the weather was warm but perfect. The rain cooled things and actually felt really good.

Friday: On Friday, We drove to Delaware since we were so close. We stopped in Wilmington and did some site seeing there. There wasn't much there but there was a cool River Walk. At the resturant we stopped for lunch, the host told us that we should visit Newark, pronounced NEW ARK, not NEWERK, like New Jersey :o). Apparently that is where the University of Delaware is. We searched for the University of Delaware Book Store so Damian could a T-Shirt and then headed back to Philly, so we could meet Steve's cousin-in-law, Mike to drive to the Philly game. On the way home from Delaware to PA, we entered Maryland for about a mile, so we could add that state to our list too, unfortunetly it does count because I didnt get a spoon from there, so we will have to go back. Meredith met us there via train. We also met Damian's friend, Erin, that lives in Philadephia for the game. It was a Phillies against the Cardinals. At the very beginning of the game, we had a rain delay. It poured for awhile then stopped and it was cool the rest of the game. The Cardinals won 8 to 1.

Saturday: On Saturday, we drove to Trenton, New Jersey and met with Erin, Damian's friend that met us at the game. Steve, Damian, Erin, and I then caught a train in Trenton and took it to New York City. It was an hour and a half train ride. I had never been on a train before except for the little Septa train, so I was nervous at first. Steve assurred me that everything would be A-Ok though. It wasn't so bad and actually kind of fun. New York City was awesome. I dont know if I could live there because there is just so much noise and so many people, so visiting was fun. The atmosphere and the lights were exciting. There were street venders everywhere trying to sell up stuff. The visited Time Square and saw the New Years Ball that drops every year. We walked everywhere around NYC city. In the middle iof Times Square there was a toy store with a Ferris Wheel inside. We got quite a bit of exercise on this trip. We did take another train to Ground Zero because it was too far to walk. There was so much construction around there that it was hard to see anything. It was still interesting to see though. From Ground Zero, we walked to the Stanton Island Ferry and road that past the Statue of Liberty. That was gorgeous and very relaxing. We drove right past the Statue of Liberty and I got some cool pictures of it. We also drove right past Ellis Island. It was a pretty full day. I was pretty tired and a bit dehyrated by the end of the day.

Sunday: On Sunday, We did a "College Tour." Damian really likes to collect T-Shirts from College Universities, so we went to a tour of all the colleges in and around Philadephia with Steve's cousins. Before the "College Tour", we met Erin again and Steve's cousins brought us Jim's for a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. She said that's where to the people who live there go for a good Cheese Steak. OHHHH!!! It was really good. We went to Temple, Drexel, University of Pennsylvania, and St. Joseph University and Vilanova. Vilanova's campus was absolutely beautiful. The stone buildings and architechure was very nice. On the Univerisity of Pennsylvania was the only school that had their bookstore open, so we just walked around and took pictures at the other school.

Monday: Monday was our last day. We got up really early at hit the road, back through the construction. We stopped by Penn State on the way home. That campus was really beautiful. On the way home, we also stopped in Toledo, OH to see Steve's Grandma. We finally got home at about 11pm on Monday night. I went straight to sleep because we had to work Tuesday morning. Overall, it was a very great vacation.

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