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Friday, July 20, 2012

Wycliffe celebrates 25 years in Cameroon

“My mother comes from Banso and my father from Noni. A few years before my mother’s death, she was yet to become a Christian. I took a copy of the Lamnso New Testament and through it, I learned how to read and write Lamnso. I went ahead and read the Lamnso Bible to my mother. She gave her life to Christ and started counseling us as a real mother would do. Before now, she knew there were two gods; one who responds to immediate needs and the other that is talked about in Churches. As she heard the scriptures in the mother tongue, she confessed that there is just one God and that is Jesus, who deserves all our worship and who cares for all our worries. I am so thankful to God for the work CABTAL is doing”
Mrs Mary Wamey, Calvary Chapel Bamenda
Secondary School teacher

January 2012 marks a celebration of 25 years since Bible translation projects began in Cameroon, West Africa. When Bible translation began in 1987 in Cameroon, the model for translation was still to send a single expatriate team to begin a project. But that has changed.

"Cameroonians are now taking the leadership of these projects," explains Creson. "Local communities are very much involved in helping to shape the nature of the translation process--what they want to see, what they want to have built for them in terms of tools for discipleship, evangelism and church planting."

Nationals are taking over, and Wycliffe likes it. The local Cameroonian involvement has been vital to the speed and success of the numerous translation projects there. Above all, that means the Gospel is reaching people quicker.

"People are coming to Christ now in unprecedented numbers, and God is really at work in the community in Cameroon," says Creson.

The success in Cameroon is representative of projects across the globe. Wycliffe has been able to get more local believers involved with translation projects worldwide. The advantage of locals combined with the advancement of technology is driving translation forward with serious speed.

Vision 2025--Wycliffe's goal to get a Bible translation project rolling for every language in the world by the year 2025--is looking more and more doable, thanks to hard-working teams like the ones in Cameroon. But thousands of people help to make these projects possible, including prayer warriors and financial supporters.

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